This application allows you to manage you own bookings at the Festival. Use this application to make your bookings, pay for your bookings and rate performances that you attend.

You will need to register on this application. Simply register a login here. You’ll need to supply an email address for verification purposes and to allow us to communicate booking information with you. Use this email address to log in to the booking system in the future.

Once you have logged in you can make a booking by entering the number of tickets to purchase for each performance.

You can pay online. We make use of a third party provider, Payfast, to process secure online payments by either credit card or by EFT. We don’t store your bank or credit card details.

If you don’t want to make use of our online payment method, you can make your own payment by EFT into our bank account.

Once paid for, your tickets can be collected from the Ticket Office when it opens a few days before the Festival.

If you have already registered please login here:

To register to use this application, click here.

Have you forgotten your password? Click here.

You can rate performances using this application, and win a great prize.

If you attend a performance, logon to this site and rate the performance or use the QR code on your ticket to quickly link to a rating page from your phone. You can also enter the Performance Rating Code (PRC) that appears on your ticket here to get quick access to rate a particular performance:

Rating performances provides us with valuable feedback. A random draw of people who have provided rating feedback will be made.